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Statement from Walter Schummer

August 5, 2022
While there are a number of posts out there concerning Ted Smith's re-entry into the race for Mayor I will answer here the same as I've answered a number of offline requests for "info". I do not know any details surrounding Ted's decision to withdraw from the race in June or his recent decision to re-enter the race beyond his posts. I do not know about any "conspiracies" or "schemes".

There are rumours circulating online but as far as I know they are rumours. I cannot and will not comment with any authority on if those rumours have any basis in fact.

My intention has always been to run a campaign regardless of who else, if anyone else, was in the race. Even if I was to be acclaimed (which will not happen now) I was still planning on running my open house events and send information to the residents about me.

If you want to know more about my campaign, order a lawn sign, volunteer to help, or make a contribution you can visit my website or email me at or call me at 705-432-8464. October 24th will be upon us quickly no doubt and that is when the residents and voters of Brock will judge the candidates.

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