Many people are not subscribed to social media and don't want to be subscribed.  However, they are still online and want to see "what's going on".  On this page I will be posting the various updates and comments on Township Council business that I also post on my social media sites.  There may be small time delays between one platform and another as the information is updated.

The posts here are the responsibility of Walter Schummer, Ward 3 Councillor.  They do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of any other member of Brock Township Council.  I follow a strict code whereby what I post here and on social media has pretty much already been stated by me publicly or in Council or Committee meetings.  There may be instances where I am permitted more space and latitude to post details here than in any debate or discussion at Council but I always strive to make my views and comments publicly known to Township staff and other members of Council prior to posting.  Also, some comments and viewpoints may have already been publicly stated by me during the election where I discussed many issues in depth (also available on this website from the election of 2018 for reference).

Please note that I, or any other member of Council, cannot post or discuss any material or issue from an in-camera Council/Committee meeting as per The Municipal Act (Ontario).