As promised during my campaign and as I did during my term on Council from 2010-2014 I am donating up to half of my annual Councillor salary to local non-profit organizations who do so much to improve our community in Ward 3 of Brock Township.  I decided to enter politics to better serve the people of Ward 3 and Brock Township as a whole and not for the paycheque.  Therefore, to put "my money where my mouth is" I developed this system to grant or donate a chunk of my salary back to my community.

This grant is done by myself and has nothing to do with The Township of Brock or The Township of Brock's policies governing grants.

Any non-profit organization in Ward 3 or serving Ward 3 may apply.  The application is located on this page and once completed may be forwarded to me in various ways as indicated.

This is not "free money" and must be applied for in a fashion similar to other granting programs (public and private).

These grants are not the same as "sponsorships".  If an organization wishes me to sponsor an event (like a golf tournament or other event) such a request can be done through a simple request and there would be no need for an application under this program.  Depending on the level of sponsorship such amounts may be counted toward my annual contribution of half of my salary.

In the event there have been insufficient applications during a given year there is no guarantee that any amounts will carryforward to a future year.


Grant Application

NPOgrantapplication.pdf 117.2KB